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Peter F. Grove What do I do?
  I provide effective resolution to disputes for:

Separation; divorce; pre-marriage and co-habitation agreements; parenting; family conflicts of all kinds.

Partnership agreements; internal disputes; compensation issues; terminations; dissolution.

Disputes between beneficiaries.

Disputes involving boards, clients, customers, creditors, employees, business valuations, contracts.

What do I do?

I open up productive discussions among the people involved, acting as an impartial and confidential facilitator. I foster co-operation and trust between the parties, improve their ability to communicate, ensure that each has an opportunity to be heard, seek disclosure of all relevant facts and reduce tension and conflict.

I will assist you to:

  • identify the issues for discussion;

  • sort out an agenda;

  • identify each personís underlying interests;

  • ensure each understands what is important to the other;

  • develop options and possible solutions;

  • reach an agreement which will work for everyone.